Course Management System

Talent LMS is a cloud-based LMS that provides a comprehensive virtual learning platform and does not require you to upgrade or back up any data. The course sales via Stripe or PayPal, mixed virtual and instructor-led learning, mobile access and video conferencing. Social integration will allow you to easily create courses including high quality visuals, presentations and videos. You can store courses and easily tweak them to provide a comprehensive virtual learning experience. Genius LMS is fully customizable; You can choose your own domain, logo and theme as well as create a variety of certificates. Users praise Talent LMS for its sleek interface, online training and support, and user-friendliness, especially in terms of creating new courses.

Paper Process

Educational institutions are burdened with cumbersome paperwork and manual processes and find it difficult to maintain records on attendance, fee, admission, transportation etc. Track complete information they need. Using the school management system, the educational process has to be kept active in order to save time and reduce the work load of the employee

Financial Management

Availability of resources is necessary in educational management and financial management is required to make available the resources. Finance is an important factor in any educational system. Lack of finance makes any good educational management in disarray. Lack of finance makes educational and administrative activities ineffective.

Lack of basic facilities

To make any teaching system more effective, various items like paper, writing material, black board, chalk, books are necessary in the classroom. Proper building and space are not available for the school. Lack of basic facilities like drinking water and songs is the problem of educational management. In the absence of these facilities, students are not able to take interest in reading and teachers are also unable to pay attention to education in any way. Therefore, for the quality of education management, the defects of the education system should be removed.